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** Each artists booking system varies. Please see our artists profile on our website to view their individual booking information **




"wham bam thank you ma'am"

No appointment needed. Just walk in and our NEXT AVAILABLE ARTIST will have a quick chat about your design, draw it up while you wait and tattoo it right away.


Walk ins are subject to availability so, although we can't guarantee a booking  over the phone it is always best to call first to see if there is time available 


Book in a consultation to sit down with YOUR PREFERRED ARTIST and discuss in detail your custom tattoo idea.


Bring in any reference material you have and a deposit to book in you tattoo. If time is available you may be tattooed that day, or booked for a later date.


You will need to book a consult so give us a call or email us first. Our friendly staff are also happy to help recommend which of our artist would best suit the piece you have in mind. 



Consultation days are a TIME AND DATE SET BY THE ARTIST sit down, discuss your ideas in detail, plan out your piece and book in your tattoo. 


Please see desired artists profile for next consultation day information or call us on (03) 9486 1333.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions; you must agree to all terms and conditions before making any bookings. 

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